Thursday, January 20, 2005

"Sugar and spice, and all things nice"

The highway of life, despite its many pot-holes, idiot drivers that try to cut you off and traffic-jams, is generally pretty straight forward.
Sure, you can pick and choose which lane to want to go in, but ultimately, they all end at the same place. The direction is clear... You're born, you go to school, work, retire and then die. Okay, some may skip a few of those steps, but they're still on the same highway going in the same direction.
There's just one thing about that trip that a map, G.P.S and road signs can't tell you... and that's who's in the car with you.

If you're lucky, it's going to be a long trip. So you don't want just anybody keeping you awake at the wheel. Yet how many times have you picked somebody up only to drop them off at the next exit?

Ok, enough of that stupid (and probably flawed) journey metaphor.
The thing that's been pointed out to me, and that I've since noticed, is my unhealthy tendency to go for what can be described as the "bad girl".
(if any of my ex's are reading this, and I doubt any are, just assume you're an exception :))

Now that's not to say they're bad 'people'. Not at all. Let's just say, family would not tend to approve... (not that they'd know.. I like to keep my relatives and my love-life a good distance apart)

despite the fact that I've known this for quite some time now, I still tend to fall victim to it. So much so, that when I fancy a lass, one of the 1st things I think about is; "How many ways could this girl be considered 'bad'?"
Do I still fancy her despite the often freaky results? Sure I do. It's quite a problem really.
In the quote I have for the title of this post, it seems fitting that right there in the middle is the word 'Spice'. As my mum will well know, I'm not big on the ol' spicy food. Curry powder and me are mortal enemies.

But there's another, for more annoying side to it. If the girl herself isn't bad, then she's bad for me. Even if she's perfect in every other way, dating her would mean doom for us all!
And, funnily enough, the end of life as we know it isn't quite what I'm looking for in a relationship...

So as it stands, and as the latest object of my affection demonstrates, I continue to be cursed. If the bad girl doesn't come in one form, she'll come in another...
How does one change such a thing? I know there is no changing how you feel. Feelings come and go without any control or restraints. One just has to learn how to deal with said feelings with as little screwing up as is humanly possible. To bad humans are stupid.

It's late, I'm tired, and I'm sure I've got much more to say. But this'll have to do.

I won't be updating for a little while, so I apologize in advance to both my readers.



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