Sunday, January 23, 2005

Robin 'Red' Hood?

I'm sure everyone's heard the classic fable turned legend turned myth of the great hero Robin Hood.
We all know of Little John, Maid Marion, Ol' Tuck, Will Scarlet and his loyal band of merry men. Not to mention the nasty sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Prince John!! (and Sir Hiss)

It's always a great story, no matter which version you hear. On the one hand you have the heroic Robin Hood and his faithful followers fighting against the nasty leaders of the land in the name of helping the poor and oppressed masses! On the other hand, you have all that only with an ALL American Robin Hood doing it instead. (How dare the British have a hero!)
But I wish to present a 3rd hand... was Robin Hood everything the legends say and more!... or a no good Pinco-Commie rebel bent on crushing our fine democracy loving ways???

I 1st started to suspect his Stalinist motives when I thought about his policy of robbing the rich to feed the poor... on the surface this may seem nice, but who says the rich aren't rich because the invested in orphanages for puppies?? Or the poor aren't poor because they gambled all their money away at the local Cock Fights??
Does Robin Hood care about such things? Of course not! In his Communist Utopia such things don't matter!

Was Robin really interested in saving the throne for the good king Richard? Or was he simply attempting a Coup while the noble, peace loving John kept the seat warm for his brother??
Bloody revolts are the only way Commies ever get power... funny how he only noticed the poor were poor and the rich were rich AFTER the Strong king left the country...

We know he didn't succeed in taking over England, however, his 'kind' quickly took over the English propaganda machine!
Just look at poor old Prince/King John and the bad light that's been cast upon him! Ever hear of the 'Magna Charter'? It was the birth of what would eventually become Democracy in this fine country! And that "Tyrant" John was the one who signed it!!
But of course, the far left media has convinced the world that he was forced into it by the Lords of the land... BAH! Lies I say!! The Commies couldn't prevent democracy like they'd want, so instead they make John look as bad as possible!!
Case in point: Notice how it's always 'Robin Hood and his Merry Men'... NEVER; 'The Union Of Outlaws With Their democratically Elected Leader; Robin Hood'

I'm not sure where the sheriff fits in to all of this... he was probably just a decent cop trying to earn his keep. After all, you've all seen westerns, when are the sheriffs EVER the bad guys???

There are more little clues all over the place as well:

  • ROBIN Hood... what are Robins? Birds famous for their RED chests!!

  • Will SCARLET... why not Will Indigo? Or Will violet?? Maybe because he was a Commie slime ball!!!

  • And the most damming proof... the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' was made specifically to alert us to him! 'LITTLE' john... 'RED' for commie...'RIDING' they had horses... 'HOOD' as in, Robin...

What more evidence is needed? SPREAD THE WORD!! Robin Hood was a no good maoist oppressor! Hell bent on creating the first Soviet Union!!!

What an injustice has been done... we should all thank our lucky stars he failed! And is now dead, living out eternity in Commie Hell with his 'comrades' Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tsung.


At 29 April 2005 at 04:34, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He's a proto-environmentalist - a "watermelon" - green on the outside, red on the inside!

Jim C.

zgystardst -at- yahoo -dot- com


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