Monday, January 17, 2005

More pics

Right, i've just started a new photo album.

It's of Camp Dudes & Dudettes.
(that is, people I know from camps and youthweekends that I go to... not that they're camp... though some are... *coff* james *coff* ;))

anyway, it's in its youth, so only 10 pictures for now. But it will expand when my computer stops being so damn slow!


At 18 January 2005 at 21:33, Blogger Jamibu said...

ooooo art mate, that was seriously low!!! can you not think of anything more imaginative to get back at me for the pics of you looking "stoned" on my site (see any of the links coinciding with the name "james" on arthurs site)

And for every1's info, I am definitely NOT camp, never have been either

At 18 January 2005 at 21:37, Blogger Jamibu said...

and by the way, the picture he has of me is in no way representative of me, in fact it's now a few years out of date

At 19 January 2005 at 13:53, Blogger The Great Artie said...

HEY! I aproved of that stoned collection.. okay, I didn't expect 'em to be THAT bad, but still...

as for the camp comment, I will not retract it! :) it's just to much fun to bug you with.


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