Saturday, December 18, 2004

Things to do before I die. #1: Harrier

Anyone that's looked in the 'war' section of pics on my sidebar, will probaly have worked out I like military stuff... particually jets... they make WOOOSH-ing nosies, go real fast, look awesome and dammit, they're just so cool!!!!
but for me, one jet beats out the others for pure coolness... and that's the
Harrier Jump Jet.
As flown by the British, Americans, Italians, Indians, Spanish and one other that I can't remember right now.
"But what's so special about it?" I hear you shout and scream.
"FOOL!" I answer, "you shall burn for your ignorence!"
Bah, can't blame people for being stupid... it rocks because it hovers baby!! It's like a 'jet-o-chopper'!!! 1st of it's kind and still unbeaten. (at least untill the JSF comes online)
A tribute to British engituity and it kicked Argintine arse to boot!!! (they nicknamed it "the black death"!!)

Tiss why i want to fly in one before i die... two seater version of course... just the feeling in being inside such a unique (and often under-rated) aircraft would be the most awesome thing!! dude, i'm drooling at the thought of it!!!

Better hurry though... they're being replaced soon!! *gulp* Won't be able too much longer!!!!

Above is a cool picture of the Harrier doing it's trademark cool thing!


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