Thursday, December 16, 2004

Racing Frog Update

Been a few days... lets see how that slimey little punk has been doing:

Day 15 : 3rd at Hopper Hill. *sigh*

Day 16 : 4th at Snake Ally... dude! He's getting worse!!

Day 16 pt.2 : SUPERFROG!!!.... and, like before... we shall never speak of it again.....

Day 17 : Yet again, 3rd. Gangrene Gorge

Day 18 : 2nd!!! I dont believe it!!! *faints*

Day 19 : Holy crap... 2nd again!!! come on... just one place higher...

Day 20 : 2nd again dude... ok, I know it aint 1st, but it's a WHOLE lot better then 3rd & 4th!! (plus I get more gold :))


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