Monday, December 06, 2004

Racing Frog Update

Day 7: me silly frog was attacked by a pike! he got thru it ok, but man... if he'd been eaten I would have been crushed!!
oh, and that worthless peice of slim covered crap only finnished 4th at snake alley!

Day 8: Once again, a pitifull 4th at Gangrene Gorge... what's going on? does he not have the will to win or something?!?

Day 9: It was the big one today... SUPERFROG!! Thousands of frogs took part, including my very own Artoro the Toad...
.........and we shall never speak of it again.........

Day 10: 3rd at Scarper Flow... well, that's an improvement at least... however minor... and he also found out that he's qualified for this weeks Superfrog. YAY, another chance for him to fail me!!


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