Thursday, December 09, 2004

Love of Art - Twizzally Things

"Twizzally things?!" you say... "what on earth are those??"
Well i'll tell you, they're little metal things on chains that, well, twizzle...
(I have no idea what they're really called. I figure Twizzally Thing's as good as any name)

Now, "why would you have a particular love for such a thing?" I hear you scream... save your lungs, for ALL will be revieled...

When I was young... many an eon ago... I developed a slight nail biteing problem. (I reacon it was 'cause of my sisters constent, and relentless bullying... she wouldn't stop dammit!! She just wouldn't stop....... *sniffle*) anywho, to this day I continue to bite them. It's quite an ugly habbit really, I cannot lie...

AAANNNYYYway, I went to Dover Castle for some reason, and after skipping all the tour stuff, I went straight to the gift shop... and then I saw it... like a monkey in a jar, it stood out and caught my eye... a silver chain with a thing that span when you flicked it... I couldn't stop! I flicked it, and flicked it, and flicked it! My finger hurt, but I flicked it some more!!
30 minutes and a very sore finger later, I thought to myself; "it's only £1.50... buy it you twonk" so I did :)
It proved to be a wise investment... I found to my surprise, that so long as I had that flicky thing (later re-named 'twizzally thing') I wouldn't bite my nails!! I rejoyced and sang to the heavens!!! "The good Lord has cast this mighty gift upon me, and I will forever look after and treasure it untill the end of time..."

I broke it a few months later.

That sucked.

But it wasn't long before it was replaced with an even cooler one with the St. Gorges cross on it that I bought in London!!! Well awesome...

That one broke.

Disheartened, but not yet willing to give up, I went to America. Texas to me more exact. San Antonio to be even more exact. The Alamo gift shop to be pin-point accurate... somewhere on the left hand side...
Anyway, there she was... the finest Twizzally thing since ol' St. George. AND, unlike my other 2, IT WAS SHINEY!!! :D

It broke as well...

Then I got the one you can see in the picture above... (the round shiney one) That one's without a doubt my favourate, and I never go anywhere without it (and so far, it's out lived all my others) That one's from Italy and bought for me when me ol' pal Rachel flew out there on holiday. (thanx simone! :) )

But, in terms of coolness (that's MY deffintion of coolness) the t-shirt shaped one wins out (see picture also) says "dont worry, be happy" heh, and a smiley face! you see the smiley face!?!? Got THAT in the Carrabien... fitting i feel...

So, to conclude, I love twizzally things.

They twizzle, and are cool.

Though they no longer stop me biting my nails :(


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