Monday, December 06, 2004

Crazy Girl!

Today, after I got home from a long and hard day at College I had an e-mail waiting for me... seeing it was from my best friend Rachel...
(AKA : Munchkin, sweetie Pie, mistress Simone, Gary and the Plant-Pot Princess)
... I opened it eagerly... Only to find it was hate mail!! Can you believe it?!? HATE MAIL!!!! My bestest buddy sent ME hate mail!!!

Now, I can't copy and paste it, so I'll paraphrase* what she said :

"Hey you &!%$£@# $&#?%^@!!! why the %&#£ aren't I mentioned in your £^!$%#' blog?!? eh?? You not love me or something?!? I should kick your sorry &%#!!! I HATE YOU!!!! TO HELL WITH YOU, YOUR BLOG AND ALL YOUR ENGLISH KIND!!!! oh, and #&%$*$£:@?&!^<@*:~#£& and don't you forget it!!!!"

naturally I was stunned... I didn't know what came over her! She'd gone nuts!!

After crying for many, many long hours I decided to take action! and here I am taking action... :) see Rachel, you're getting a mention!! See? See?? LOOK DAMMIT!!!!

YAY! Maybe she'll love me again and all will be right with the world :) if not, I've always got Nikki! ;)

(Oh, and speaking of which, on a COMPLETELY unrelated note... Nikki, I'd watch your back... Not sayin' you're in any danger or anything... Just sayin' don't be TOO surprised if you get horribly murdered sometime soon... She was probally only bluffing, but you never know...)

*Note : I may have taken a few liberties with the quote... wouldn't say I "exaggerated" so much as I "beefed it up a little" so you know, pinch of salt an all that... *ahem*


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