Tuesday, December 14, 2004

An Artful Review - Philadelphia

The cheese! Not that stupid city in the States that stole the name! (is there NO respect for copyright laws anymore?!?)

Now, when most people think of Philadelphia Cheese, they normally think of Heaven, pure bliss, Nirvana (state of mind, not the band) and indeed, all things wonderful in this world.... but there's SO much more to this 'holy grail' of cheeses then simple perfection.

1st, you must realize that in such a competitive cheese filled world out there, to rise to the top and be named:

"Cheese of the Gods... simply an unbeatable combo of cheesiness and spreadability." - Dr. Alfred Stilton, PHD (columnist for Cheddar Monthly... the U.K's No.1 selling Cheese magazine)

Is quite an achievement. I mean, just look at the competition.. you have 'Red Lester', 'Cheddar cheese', 'blue stilton', and 'cheese strings' for example... it's easy to see why it would be such an uphill struggle for this humble snack.
Yet it's won more awards then any food stuff in history. (beating Red-meat's record in '03)

It's trophy cabinet includes; 12 from the Annual Cheese Awards in Dublin,15 Cheesefesters, 9 Cheeseorama Awards, 16 'Hugh Grant' Awards in the Field of Cheese, 8 Grammys, and 5 time 'Cheese of the Year' winner.

Not bad going for what everyone thought of as an underdog!!

not only that, but it goes with EVERYTHING! Doritos, pringles, crackers, beagles, molt bread... anything you can think of.. from throughout the world!!
The French enjoy Frogs Legs, Snails and Horse Testicles with their Phili.
Philadelphia and Rice is a hot favorite in China.
Our friends from across the pond sure do love a tub with their Flame grilled 98oz Steaks!
And even the Scottish will tell you that NOTHING goes better with Sheep Guts and Dried Blood then a generous dollop of the finest Cheese around.

and who's to argue?

Can 6 billion satisfied custermers be wrong??? I certainly don't think so! and if YOU do.... not only are you wrong, but you're evil!!!

I give Philadelphia Cheese,

Score : *****


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