Monday, December 06, 2004

An Artful Rant - Americans

As stated in my profile i'm British AND American. I'm a fully fledged citizen of both nations and have the blood of both flowing through me.
So, naturally, I like America and (in general) Americans. And in there lies the reason for this humble rant...

I have, and have had, many American friends... Some I've known for a long time, some i've only known for a little while. Some i've been very close to, others have been great people to just hang out, and still others have been great debate fodder ("America's better then Britain" "no they aint!" etc etc...)
But they all have one thing in common, and that's the fact that Britain is not their home. Sure, they live here for two, three, maybe even four years, but as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, they will inevitably leave.

And that fact well and truly sucks.

Call me crazy, but I like my friends. And I like it when they stick around. And I DON'T like it when the U.S Air Force decides they've been in England too long and forces them to uproot and move else-where.
That pisses me (and many others I might add) right off!!!

Damn them for coming over here, making good friends, and then leaving them!

If I had a penny for everytime I've said (after a yank friend leaves) "that's it, screw the Yankees that come over, I aint loosing more mates like that!" i'd have at least enough for a tube of sweets or something... (the thought's always there though!)

I just can't help it! For some strange reason, I like the yanks. I want to ignore them, but I just can't in most cases... (maybe it's somethin' to do with my own yankee blood... I orient towards them... I dunno) but whatever the reason, I wish it would go away and leave me alone!!
I know friends come and go all the time, but this is bloody ridiculous!!

Do I wish I had never met the friends i've had and lost? No. Of course I don't. They were brilliant and I wouldn't take any of it back (a few specifics jump to mind). I just wish there was a nice middle ground... I love hanging out with them, then it hits me "enjoy it while it lasts Arthur... they won't be here long." GRRRR!!!

And it'll never end.


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