Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Racing Frogs

Two days ago I got sent an e-mail by Chris, attached to it was a link to something called 'Racing Frogs'.
It's a little juvinile thing but fun all the same.
You get to train, feed, buy stuff for, and design your frog. And everyday he'll race other frogs.
Yeah, i know, it's sad and lame... but SCREW YOU I like it!! :P

Anywho, i'll be updating my frogs progress on a regular basis.

Day 1: He came 10th at Scarper Flow.. not a bad start

Day 2: 2nd place baby! At Hopper Hill. And he also qualified for something called 'Superfrog'. which I think is a big race that happens weekly.

Day 3 (today): Only 3rd today. Guess he had slightly harder compitition...

More training is needed me thinks...


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