Tuesday, November 30, 2004

new picos

YAY! brand spanking new pics have just been added to me sidebar.... this time on war related stuff...


Puppy Power!!!

(Yuck... I hate Scrappy Doo)

Anyway, on me sidebar I now have a collection of pictures of the cutest pup on the planet!

My little Jack Russel called 'Cerberus' (heh, get it? my idea of a joke...)

So, GO LOOK and oogle at his cuteness... not many pics right now, but many more will come over time.

An Artfull rant - seven

Ahh... seven... to some, it is just a number, like any other... to others it has biblical meaning (eg. 777) and is even favoured by many... to me; it's a foul, steaming, putrid, turd of a number!!

I can't lie, I hate it.

I see it's evil shape and my blood boils...

7 <---- Look at it. REALLY look at it... now you tell me it's not the numerical equivilent of Hitler!! Seven days to create the world... no wonder it's so screwed up!! I question God about it... "why?" I ask, "why would you give special biblical meaning to such a hatefilled monster?!?" I guess he works in mysterious ways... or maybe he's the only being powerfull enough to control such a number, not only one, but THREE sevens!! Who knows? maybe he'll explaine all when I die... In school it would bite me in the arse every chance it got! "Arthur, do you know your times tables? you do! great, what's 8 x 7? don't know? why dont you know?? you know ALL the rest of the 8 times table... YOU STUPID BOY!!! get out of my classroom right now!!!" Then, 3 hours later on my way home... "56!" i'd scream... but it was just too little, too late... i'd cry myself to sleep, all the time knowing that Seven was watching me, taking pride in the pain he'd caused me! The bastard will pay... make no misstake about it... seven will pay for it's crimes... and i'll be there to watch as eight and six squeeze it out into oblivion! Thank you. *This rant was brought to you by 'Philadelphia Cheese'... remember, if it aint cheese, it's crap.*

Gun update

I'm allll excited!! :D I just went to gun place and got myself fitted out with a gun. (i say fitted out, 'cause I need to get one that's suited to my size, hight etc...)
It's a Beretta made, double barrled, trap-gun. And it's real perdy...
It's all payed for now (as an early(ish) Christmas prezzie) so all I gotta do is send away the forms and get my licence... then I can bring that bad boy home with me!!


Racing Frogs

Two days ago I got sent an e-mail by Chris, attached to it was a link to something called 'Racing Frogs'.
It's a little juvinile thing but fun all the same.
You get to train, feed, buy stuff for, and design your frog. And everyday he'll race other frogs.
Yeah, i know, it's sad and lame... but SCREW YOU I like it!! :P

Anywho, i'll be updating my frogs progress on a regular basis.

Day 1: He came 10th at Scarper Flow.. not a bad start

Day 2: 2nd place baby! At Hopper Hill. And he also qualified for something called 'Superfrog'. which I think is a big race that happens weekly.

Day 3 (today): Only 3rd today. Guess he had slightly harder compitition...

More training is needed me thinks...

Monday, November 29, 2004


Last week I went on a jolly wee cruise around the Carrabien! and that was sooooo cool... I went snorkling, horse-back riding in the ocean, swam with stingrays, went in a submariene, went in a helicopter, the boat was like 82,000 tons and everything baby!

i'll be putting in a photo album with a load of pictures soon :)

Something like my gun

1st step to my gun!

Today I got home from College and what did I have waiting for me?
A big gun case and documents I have to sign for my gun licence... the word is, YAY!

I'm on my way to getin' a gun,
Doo dar, doo dar,
won't be long till I have my gun,
Oh da doo dar day, HEY!

above is a wee picture of what my gun will look like.. (with a few differences... havnt got a picture of my actual gun yet...)

My 1st Blogday!

Let us all dance and sing, for I have my own blog now... it will include many wonderus and exciting things!!

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Ive been beaten...

Okay, it's not actually possible ive disscovered. Need a real website for that I guess... that blows... aw well, that's life.

Real blogging will comence tomorow


This is a pain in the butt... i need to get stupid link things set up and i dont know how! :( GRRRRRRRRRRR