Monday, April 18, 2005

Start of a new (and probably short) era

Ladies and gentlemen, due to popular* demand and a fullfillment of the Pope's last request, i'm restarting my wonderful blog...

...well, kinda.

It's a new blog, but it'll pretty much be the same. 'Cept flashier and generaly cooler. A lot of the crap here has & will be put there as well.

Bare in mind it's still under constuction and has yet to recieve any original stuff. But it will soon.

Go and see!!


Oh yeah, the link :

* By 'popular' demand, I mean like, 2 people... but hey, that's popular for me!!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

End of a rather short era

Okay, I'm shutting this blog down. No point doing it anymore. I wanna post more personal things and the impersonal things are the things no one cares about.

I might start up another, but that would be just for me as like, a private journal. If you can do that...

I don't actually know how to shut this site down properly, so it'll still be here if you wanna look at Cerberus or whatever lol

Toodle pip, ta ta and cheerio.

Quote of the day

"We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be detested in France." - The Duke of Wellington

Truer words were never spoken...

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Robin 'Red' Hood?

I'm sure everyone's heard the classic fable turned legend turned myth of the great hero Robin Hood.
We all know of Little John, Maid Marion, Ol' Tuck, Will Scarlet and his loyal band of merry men. Not to mention the nasty sheriff of Nottingham and the evil Prince John!! (and Sir Hiss)

It's always a great story, no matter which version you hear. On the one hand you have the heroic Robin Hood and his faithful followers fighting against the nasty leaders of the land in the name of helping the poor and oppressed masses! On the other hand, you have all that only with an ALL American Robin Hood doing it instead. (How dare the British have a hero!)
But I wish to present a 3rd hand... was Robin Hood everything the legends say and more!... or a no good Pinco-Commie rebel bent on crushing our fine democracy loving ways???

I 1st started to suspect his Stalinist motives when I thought about his policy of robbing the rich to feed the poor... on the surface this may seem nice, but who says the rich aren't rich because the invested in orphanages for puppies?? Or the poor aren't poor because they gambled all their money away at the local Cock Fights??
Does Robin Hood care about such things? Of course not! In his Communist Utopia such things don't matter!

Was Robin really interested in saving the throne for the good king Richard? Or was he simply attempting a Coup while the noble, peace loving John kept the seat warm for his brother??
Bloody revolts are the only way Commies ever get power... funny how he only noticed the poor were poor and the rich were rich AFTER the Strong king left the country...

We know he didn't succeed in taking over England, however, his 'kind' quickly took over the English propaganda machine!
Just look at poor old Prince/King John and the bad light that's been cast upon him! Ever hear of the 'Magna Charter'? It was the birth of what would eventually become Democracy in this fine country! And that "Tyrant" John was the one who signed it!!
But of course, the far left media has convinced the world that he was forced into it by the Lords of the land... BAH! Lies I say!! The Commies couldn't prevent democracy like they'd want, so instead they make John look as bad as possible!!
Case in point: Notice how it's always 'Robin Hood and his Merry Men'... NEVER; 'The Union Of Outlaws With Their democratically Elected Leader; Robin Hood'

I'm not sure where the sheriff fits in to all of this... he was probably just a decent cop trying to earn his keep. After all, you've all seen westerns, when are the sheriffs EVER the bad guys???

There are more little clues all over the place as well:

  • ROBIN Hood... what are Robins? Birds famous for their RED chests!!

  • Will SCARLET... why not Will Indigo? Or Will violet?? Maybe because he was a Commie slime ball!!!

  • And the most damming proof... the story of 'Little Red Riding Hood' was made specifically to alert us to him! 'LITTLE' john... 'RED' for commie...'RIDING' they had horses... 'HOOD' as in, Robin...

What more evidence is needed? SPREAD THE WORD!! Robin Hood was a no good maoist oppressor! Hell bent on creating the first Soviet Union!!!

What an injustice has been done... we should all thank our lucky stars he failed! And is now dead, living out eternity in Commie Hell with his 'comrades' Lenin, Stalin and Mao Tsung.

Quick Photo Update

Brand new to my sidebar is a photo album of Me & My Family. Some goodens and some badens of me and me humble relatives.

Also my Cerberus and Camp Dudes & Dudettes albums have been updated with extra jolly good picos.

And if you want to know what I look like at my very, VERY worst, check out the stoned colection on Jamibu's blog... lovely... :S

Thursday, January 20, 2005

"Sugar and spice, and all things nice"

The highway of life, despite its many pot-holes, idiot drivers that try to cut you off and traffic-jams, is generally pretty straight forward.
Sure, you can pick and choose which lane to want to go in, but ultimately, they all end at the same place. The direction is clear... You're born, you go to school, work, retire and then die. Okay, some may skip a few of those steps, but they're still on the same highway going in the same direction.
There's just one thing about that trip that a map, G.P.S and road signs can't tell you... and that's who's in the car with you.

If you're lucky, it's going to be a long trip. So you don't want just anybody keeping you awake at the wheel. Yet how many times have you picked somebody up only to drop them off at the next exit?

Ok, enough of that stupid (and probably flawed) journey metaphor.
The thing that's been pointed out to me, and that I've since noticed, is my unhealthy tendency to go for what can be described as the "bad girl".
(if any of my ex's are reading this, and I doubt any are, just assume you're an exception :))

Now that's not to say they're bad 'people'. Not at all. Let's just say, family would not tend to approve... (not that they'd know.. I like to keep my relatives and my love-life a good distance apart)

despite the fact that I've known this for quite some time now, I still tend to fall victim to it. So much so, that when I fancy a lass, one of the 1st things I think about is; "How many ways could this girl be considered 'bad'?"
Do I still fancy her despite the often freaky results? Sure I do. It's quite a problem really.
In the quote I have for the title of this post, it seems fitting that right there in the middle is the word 'Spice'. As my mum will well know, I'm not big on the ol' spicy food. Curry powder and me are mortal enemies.

But there's another, for more annoying side to it. If the girl herself isn't bad, then she's bad for me. Even if she's perfect in every other way, dating her would mean doom for us all!
And, funnily enough, the end of life as we know it isn't quite what I'm looking for in a relationship...

So as it stands, and as the latest object of my affection demonstrates, I continue to be cursed. If the bad girl doesn't come in one form, she'll come in another...
How does one change such a thing? I know there is no changing how you feel. Feelings come and go without any control or restraints. One just has to learn how to deal with said feelings with as little screwing up as is humanly possible. To bad humans are stupid.

It's late, I'm tired, and I'm sure I've got much more to say. But this'll have to do.

I won't be updating for a little while, so I apologize in advance to both my readers.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005


*Knock, Knock* "Hello sir, would you like to see what double glaze-" *BANG*

As of this-afternoon, i'm an official gun owner. I have my licence, my gun and my American passport. I am now officially 'Badass'!

So, some friendly advice to salesmen, burglers, unwanted guests and people who overstay their welcome:

If you hear the words "Get my gun..." that's your 1st warning...

When i've got my gun, it's not there so I can show it off... it's your 2nd warning...

And if I say "You have 10 seconds to get off my property" that means you have 3 seconds... so start running!

There, you've been warned.

Monday, January 17, 2005

More pics

Right, i've just started a new photo album.

It's of Camp Dudes & Dudettes.
(that is, people I know from camps and youthweekends that I go to... not that they're camp... though some are... *coff* james *coff* ;))

anyway, it's in its youth, so only 10 pictures for now. But it will expand when my computer stops being so damn slow!

Sunday, January 16, 2005

An Artful Rant - The french

"Of all the crosses I have to bear, the heaviest is the Cross of Lorraine" - Churchill on Charles De Gaulle.

Right, were do I begin with my incoherent anti-french ramblings???
SOOOO much ground to cover... will my attention span hold up? Lets find out...

1st of all, Iraq. Ok, now don't get me wrong, the fact that they disagreed to it doesn't bother me... lots of people did (like Jonny 'the Commie' Limb... but I don't hate him for it... Much...) It's HOW they disagreed to it that bothered me.
They didn't care about what America had to say. The yanks could have shoved a nuke with saddams signature on it, right up the French ambassadors arse, and they STILL would have said it was wrong... why? 'Cause they were making money of Saddam's evil. Oil for food scandal anyone?!?

2nd: They're such ungrateful bastards!! After De Gaulle led the french troops into Paris in 1944 (because the yanks let him) he told the french
"You liberated yourselves!"
I'm sure he just forgot to mention the roll the Brits, Yanks and Cannuks had in it... easy mistake to make no doubt... oh, and I'm sure it was all a mix up when he blocked Britain's entry into the European Common Market in the 50's? And the fact that french history textbooks fail to mention D-Day is but a slight oversight on the part of the writers??

3rd: THEY'RE LOSERS!!! If it's true that no one likes a loser, how could anyone like france?!? Working from memory alone, I can think of, in the past 200 years, 8 wars they've lost, 5 times they've been invaded, had Paris threatened 4 times, had it taken 3 times and been conquered twice!!
(if anyone can tell me where they get their ego from, I'd love to know! Really, it would be great to find out...)
When the famous De Gaulle pulled them out of NATO's military structure, the rest of Europe probably breathed a sigh a relief...
"Thank goodness", they thought, "We can actually beat the Soviets now!"

4th: Europe... france doesn't want a united, federal Europe... france wants to finish what Napoleon started... they want to control the continent. You can see it through their actions... telling Poland to effectively "Shut up, and learn your place!" when they voiced support for America.
They're now heavily in debt, and by European law, should be taken to court. Will they be? Not in FRANCE'S EUROPE!!!
They wanted the 2nd language of European nations to be french... when they chose English instead, the french demanded there be a THIRD official language... (would have been hilarious if Europe chose German for that)
They even demanded that the 1st President of Europe be french!! The others rebelled, and went for a Dutch guy if I'm not mistaken... might be wrong about that detail though...

So, just like Napoleon before them, france still can't quite control Europe... *losers*

Okay, that'll do for now.. I was going to go into Chirac, Le Pen and De Gaulle some more, but aw well, I'm beat... look out for a 'part 2' ;)

thank you, and goodnight.

(Notice that I didn't use a capital 'f' for 'france'... just to show how little reguard I have for them :))